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The program will address these challenges with a strategy based on legal rights in force and the rule of law through strategic media campaign with identified allies. Even when it is deemed lawful – in the case of rape, or when a woman’s life is in danger – doctors are often unwilling to proceed for fear of prosecution.

In Argentina, it is legal to interrupt a pregnancy when the life or health of a woman is at risk or if the pregnancy was the result of rape. Waving green handkerchiefs, the emblem of their movement, they held banners reading „Legal, safe and free abortion“ and called for the measure to be included in the parliamentary agenda this year. If you’re going back to your hostel or hotel, have a friend walk with you right up until your door and lock the door behind you. There have been reports of security guards at hostels and student accommodations taking advantage of women returning home from a late night on the town. The main complaint from women travelersis unwanted attention from men. Change country of residence By telling us your country of residence we are able to provide you with the most relevant travel insurance information.

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These and other data can be found in the report „Women in Business Management, a report on women entrepreneurs produced by the Bureau for Employers’ Activities (ACT/EMP) of the International Labour Organization and UN Women in the framework of the Win-Win project. If thus, satisfy take into consideration supporting the servicing of this site by reserving your argentine accommodation as well as clicking the advertisement below. Your tax deductible gift can help stop human rights violations and save lives read the full info here around the world. In November 2018,Carmela Toledo, 23, found out that she was carrying a fetus with anencephaly, a condition that makes it difficult for the fetus to survive. She went to a public hospital in Buenos Aires province to request a legal abortion, but doctors told her that the bill decriminalizing abortion had not passed and added, falsely, that abortion was completely illegal. They said she had to wait until she was seven months pregnant, so they could say she had had a premature birth.

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The goal of universal primary education is also close to being met, as it is in a large part of Latin America. Participation by women in productive employment has also increased, but this is not true for all sectors. The expert pointed to the wide disparities between the living conditions of women in the cities –where the Permanent Household Survey of the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses draws its data — and those who live in rural areas. There is a lack of systematic information in sensitive areas for monitoring gender problems and their correlation with poverty, Giacometti said. One of the studies, by Claudia Giacometti — „The Millennium Goals and Gender Equality. The Case of Argentina“ — pointed to the lack of adequate indicators that would reveal gender inequality, many aspects of which remain hidden. In Argentina, the gender perspective was presented through the work of two experts, who made recommendations and underscored how much has yet to be done. Development Fund for Women proposed looking at what Latin American countries have done so far in the direction of fulfilling the MDGs, through a gender perspective lens.

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Some authors argue that the destruction of thousands of textile jobs was the result of cheap European imports under free trade policies favored by a landed aristocracy. More recently others have stressed the impact of the construction of gender roles along with the creation of a nation-state and a capitalist labor market. The legal penalization of irregular employment heavily affected women. Institutions such as the state, the Catholic Church, and schools advocated the withdrawal of women from the labor market. Both arguments provide important explanations of this particular development in Argentine history and raise critical questions regarding the nature of the development process the country embarked on during . Nevertheless, gender-based economic inequality is not specific to Latin America; it is also to be found in the United States, Canada and European countries. The most significant and lasting of these presents maternity as a woman’s vocation; her labor is seen as fundamentally temporary and, as such, subordinate and complimentary to that of men.

This paper assesses census data and secondary sources to shed new light on the question and to weigh these two explanations. I suggest that both lines of investigation tend to confuse the available evidence, carry significant limitations, and only offer partial explanations.

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She is also one of the leaders of the gender and inclusion cell of Wunderman Thompson, committed to diversity, the elimination of stereotypes, and inclusion. Ad Age welcomes this outstanding group of Argentine execs to join the hundreds of women all over the world who have been recognized as Women to Watch. As they continue on their professional journeys, the tenacity and perseverance of these execs have helped them succeed in often-challenging environments. By registering you agree to our privacy policy, terms & conditions and to receive occasional emails from Ad Age. Every day when they get up, they are looking for a different future for themselves. They spend what free time they have on long commuter rides from poor, suburban neighborhoods, traveling for the chance to get in the ring.

It will use its gender equality laws to protect women and do more to increase their access to political decision-making. Argentina will seek to break cultural barriers that assign women inferior roles, and aim to empower women not only as a matter of obligation under conventions or international treaties, but through a deep conviction that it is time to end taboos and prejudice. Argentina equally pledges to ensure that its current high degree of equality will be extended to youth and other sectors of society. Many economists attribute the gender poverty gap in Argentina to patriarchial mindsets that devalues work traditionally ascribed to women. Eradicating that is part of a broader fight for women’s rights that has been articulated in this election cycle through policy agendas that include legalising abortion and eliminating gender-based violence in the country. Following President Juan Perón’s enactment of women’s suffrage in 1949, First Lady Evita Perón led the Peronist Women’s Party until her death in 1952, and helped enhance the role of women in Argentine society.

From the Plaza del Correo we’ll then head to the house of Mariquita Sánchez de Thompson, a political activist for equality and women’s rights. Did you know that the National Anthem was sung for the first time in her house?

Although it’s a topic of debate, we’ll find out all about it along with many other of this incredible woman’s achievements. For years, D’Alessandro has focused on using data to illustrate economic gender gaps. In 2015, she co-founded Economia Feminita, an online media outlet and NGO dedicated to explaining issues facing women in the economy for average Argentines. From the economic impact of menstrual care products to advocacy for abortion rights, connecting these issues to policy is more important than ever, she said, and is vital to adequately addressing the new needs that COVID-19 has brought to the fore.