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How Honduras Women changed our lives in The New Year

However, DanChurchAid with partner organisations are doing an effort to help women like Abenilda Matínez who has suffered from violence since the age of eight. This phenomenon is also the result of the scarce employment opportunities in the country since, for many women, the husband is an invaluable source of revenue – a situation linked to centuries of patriarchy. In 2019, 390 femicides recorded in the country, within the last decade, almost 5,000 women died violently; 2013 was the most disastrous year with 636 such crimes, according to official figures. A Honduran girl prefers to see the lighter side of life, so a man can simply chill out in her presence.

Of the 2421 households visited, 96% agreed to participate in the survey but only 52% of the households were eligible, that is, had children 12–71 months old. Among the eligible households, 94% were successfully interviewed. Anthropometric and hemoglobin data were available for 97.8% of the mothers and 97.2% of the caretakers. The 1996 National Micronutrient Survey was conducted between July and October.

Approximately 70% of farmers hold 10% of the land in minifundios, while 1% of farmers hold 25% of the land in private latifundios. Minifundistas have very limited access to land, while an additional 300,000 people are landless or very land poor (Nelson 2003; Jansen et al. 2005; FIAN 2000; IFAD 2007; IFAD 2007). Only 9.5% of total land area is arable, while approximately 28% is dedicated to agriculture, 3 % is permanent cropland, 39% is forest area and 20% is made up of nationally protected areas. Agricultural production and exports are largely concentrated in coffee, bananas and sugar (World Bank 2010a; CIA 2010). Land distribution in Honduras is highly unequal and the latifundio / minifundio complex continues to dominate land distribution. A large percentage of total land is privately owned by a small percentage of the total population. Indigenous groups have rights to forests on lands that they traditionally inhabit; however, the extent of those rights is unknown.

To say that you are her last hope sounds like a corny line from a bad Hollywood movie with Owen Wilson as the lead actor. Besides the Philippines, Women is brides of the most popular countries for American companies to build call centers. They are descendants of indigenous Caribbean people and West Africans. To be honest, I think that Honduran girls dating on the same level as the women in Costa Rica.

Yet partner violence is rampant around the world, and older women are not immune, the new tool reveals. TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras – Karen, a 14-year-old teenager, lives with her family in a slum on the outskirts of Tegucigalpa, Honduras. She is afraid to return home after school because she is afraid of her uncle, who has tried to sexually assault her. This is storyline on the Honduran TV miniseries Es Cosa D-2, a show designed not only to entertain but also to empower girls, educate the public and lower the incidence of teen pregnancies.

Ms. L was raped by more than a dozen gang members in Honduras. After reporting the gang rape to the police, her family began to receive death threats. There are only three shelters in Honduras for rape survivors, but two of them operate as brothels. The one remaining shelter declined to take Ms. L in because the shelter could not protect her or any of the other shelter residents from gang violence. In July 2014 the UN Special Rapporteur on Violence Against Women noted that violent deaths of women in Honduras had increased 263.4 percent between 2005 and 2013. The Special Rapporteur noted scores of concerns regarding the high levels of domestic violence, femicide, and sexual violence.

This in order to identify strategies or activities that support agriculture, the livestock sector, marketing activities and become an engine of equitable development. These activities or measures will focus on promoting development, including strategies to increase access to financing, for small farmers and farm workers, specifically targeting youth and women. With this experience, SEI proposes to examine sustainable honduran women agricultural development from the perspective of poverty alleviation. In addition to this are the high migration rates to other countries in search of better opportunities that leave gaps in the workforce for the Honduran rural sector. For this reason, the pursuit for strategies to increase productivity, improve competitiveness and make more sustainable use of the country’s resources is increasingly important.

Full details of the survey design and survey population will be published elsewhere . The survey consisted of a nationally representative sample of children 12–71 months old and their mothers or primary caretakers. Data were collected by three field teams, each having a supervisor, two phlebotomists, and two interviewers. Before the survey started, all field staff received two weeks of training, which included standardization of anthropometric measurements. These data are from the 1996 National Micronutrient Survey conducted on children 12–71 months old and their mothers/caretakers. Honduran women would be expected to show high levels of chronic malnutrition, with risks to their health and obstetric outcome, for a number of reasons. These include the longlasting effects of undernutrition in childhood on adult body size and a predominantly rural population (66% in 1996) .

We carry out awareness raising activities with women, and through our legal office we offer legal advice and emotional support to women whose rights have been violated. WFP supports the Government in its strategies and efforts to improve nutrition during the “first 1000 days”, particularly through the prevention of stunting and micronutrient deficiencies. Children aged between 6 and 23 months and pregnant and breastfeeding women and girls from selected indigenous communities in the Dry Corridor receive specialized nutritious food. Almost three quarters – 72 percent – of families depending on agriculture either own small parcels of land or work as laborers for large land owners. Limited access to land, technology and agricultural assets hampers the potential development of the agricultural sector. The country’s vulnerability to extreme climatic events exacerbates food insecurity.

  • Melania Reyes speaking with a woman seeking assist on the Girls’s Motion of the Neighborhood of López Arellano and Surroundings.
  • Contributing to these high rates of early motherhood are lack of access to quality health services, including family planning, and lack of reliable information, such as comprehensive sexuality education.
  • The communities maintain that the government has not sought to prosecute the perpetrators of this alleged violence .
  • Gender-based violence is another factor, with forced or coercive sex leading to a significant number of pregnancies among adolescent girls and young women, according to a national survey.
  • Local communities have alleged widespread human rights violations and escalating violence by the government and private actors, including murder, torture, forced evictions and sexual abuse.
  • In January 2011, the Supreme Court declared Decree to be unconstitutional.
  • By linking our training processes to political organizing and action, JASS Mesoamerica builds its network and fosters new relationships with women defenders and women’s rights organizations.

INA also oversees the regularization of tenure for indigenous groups under the Property Law (USDOS 2007; PATH 2009b). The National Bank of Agricultural Development provides equal access to bank loans to both women and men. However, women’s access to loans has customarily been limited by social discrimination, as well as women’s lack of access to land (SIGI n.d.). Under the Constitution of Honduras , all Hondurans are equal before the law and discrimination on the basis of sex, race or class is prohibited.

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