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Aside from the beauty this setting inherently commands, the couple’s announcement of a new common faith is also recorded in this formal image. But as families changed in Greek America, so too have the photographs.

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  • Today’s receptions lead with the couple dancing to a waltz or perhaps a tango.
  • The Greek wedding ceremony is very formal, but the receptions are boisterous.
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In these photographs, the family scattered between Greece and North America could be found visually in one place. Alternately, there was an entire generation of women in Greece, especially in the Peloponnese, who never married because of the massive Greek immigration to North America. Aside from the missing men, another totally unintended difficulty arose. With brothers in North America willing to provide a handsome dowry, finding a suitable groom in the village became increasingly problematic. Sometime during the late 1920’s and early 1930’s, a folksong was composed describing the sense of dread experienced by these young maidens. Yet even after all these careful negotiations, the village women were especially fearful of the long voyage to an unknown land and marrying a man many of these young women had often never even met. Other folkloric images concerning marriage were to follow these young Greeks to North America.

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“In some regions, money is pinned directly to the bride’s gown throughout the evening.” At Anna and George’s wedding, following their tradition, it was thrown on the floor as they danced. “In our tradition, when the newlywed couple dances, family and friends throw money on them to signify good fortune and prosperity. The guests also take turns leading the bride and the groom in the circle dances, starting from the immediate family and filtering down to friends. “The second reading is from the Gospel According to St. John,” says Father Stephanpoulos.

I think one of the easiest ways to incorporate a little tradition is to play some Greek music and do a traditional dance!! May these crowns serve to remind them to do all they can to work together as a family. So my fiancé is half Greek and while they have never celebrated much of his heritage it would be so special if we could incorporate some little Greek traditions or honour his father and heritage somehow. The original publication within thewhole special edition about weddings, copy in .pdf describes it (apprx. 1.76 MG), is available here by courtesy from The National Herald. It is also an indisputable demographic fact that mixed, or interfaith, marriages outnumber all others which take place in the Greek Orthodox Church today. Unexpectedly, many of the non-Greek spouses are entranced by the marriage ritual and physical interior of the church. This has prompted a renewed priority given to photographs taken not simply inside the church, but also specifically those in front of the iconostasis.